Sunday, April 6, 2014

Getting the most out of DevOps through cloud computing

My latest blog on devOps published on Thoughts on Cloud..

Friday, April 4, 2014

Flipped classroom

Flipped Classroom

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Enterprise software class project ideas

Its the time during the semester again - my SJSU students looking for project ideas. Here are some..

  1. Lucky lotto number - building an app which analyze all past lotto winning numbers and come up on pattern such as:  occurrences of particular numbers more than others, correlation of numbers, repetition of numbers. This involves statistical analysis and creating mathematical model. You can grab 14 year winning numbers from Think, and imagine what you could do with this..
  2. Customer support and ticketing app - simple cloud based hosted service which can be embedded via any java script pages. This app allows SaaS user a) asking questions, b) searching knowledge based, finding answers and c) reporting problems. There will be an admin console view where assigned customer support staff would manage their ticket, provide answers and gather feedback. Take a look at or  Talk to me about design before you proceed on this. 
  3. OnPremise Data movement to Object storage Swift - httpUpload is very slow for moving data to web based storage. Develop a simple app that prompts for user's onpremise data file and moves to object storage  like openstack swift fast. I mean really fast .. explore using libcurl with keystone.. some resources here: Talk to me for design before you proceed. 
  4. more coming... 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Innovation in the cloud that matters for clients

I have spent last 5 days at Pulse, IBM's premier cloud computing conference. I am amazed with the interest among the developer community and transformation they are bringing into their business. Read my ThoughtsonCloud blog to see how IBM is facilitating you a free cloud web and mobile app development platform Codename: Bluemix for bringing your next million dollar idea into action. Let me know what you think and how we can help you prepare for the future of cloud computing. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

13 Years - 13 Reasons

This is the day 13 years ago, I joined IBM. My dear friend Senthil Chandramohan had an important role to play in bringing me from Minnesota to sunny California.
13 years in the same company in silicon valley might seem odd to most of millennial workers but its pretty common for IBMers in the development lab where I work.
So what are the reasons kept me at IBM last 13 years?

  1. The legacy - The company who invented the first dial recorder in 1888 which later became the foundation for Tabulating and recording devices. The history keeps repeating. 
  2. The Vision - 100+ years of visionary ideas and breakthrough in technology. Look at the vision, IBM researcher H. P. Luhn had in 1958 and what he envisions about a Business Intelligence System is so true and relevant even today. 
  3. Innovation - What IBM has given to the world starting from 1880 till today is unmatched. Invention of Tabulating machine for Census Beauro in 1890, the electronic recording machine in 1920s to the first computing system (S/360) with interchangeable software to the invention of DRAM in 1966
  4. The People - For most people in our profession, working with highly talented professionals is the most valuable reward. I feel fortunate to be able to talk to some legends in my lab and Almaden research lab. 
  5. Friends - Its proven, you stick to a company if your best friends work for the same company. 
  6. The Management - Again, most of the employee surveys show that one of the reasons people quit their job because of their manager/supervisor. IBM has created a very matured management culture which has been very supportive since my 1st day. 
  7. Re-invention - This is the company successfully reinvented itself many times  in the past and constantly work towards reinventing for the changing flat world.
  8. Co-creation of Value - This is something very unique as we keep client at the core when we create a product or services. Its about co-creation of value together. 
  9. Mutual trust - We know that employee's trust in managers lead to high performance. I have been fortunate to be part of high performing team through out my 13 years at IBM.
  10. The workplace - I can't ignore the fact that I do not waste 1 hr in traffic every day. This is the place - one of a kind in the quiet coyote valley.
  11. Sense of purpose - Everything I do is aligned with a purpose. When our client uses our product or services to solve their business problem, it is fulfilling. This is what keeps me intrinsically motivated. 
  12. The global team - Think about this global pool of ~460,000 knowledge worker. No kidding, we do leverage our team member's talent and skills all the time. This is unmatched and unparalleled. 
  13. Feeling lucky 13 years on 13 :-)