Monday, September 14, 2015

MS CMPE272 Project ideas for Fall 272 Students

Please read my post here and create something really innovative:

Sunday, September 7, 2014

More 295A MS project ideas

Here are some more as I promised to prospective 295A students:

1) Intellectual Property management framework (tool)

IP management is a huge challenge for almost every innovative business or organization. This cloud based software framework will allow to:
a) Invention disclosure management
b) patent management
c) trademark management
d) open source management
e) licensing management
f) contact management
g) ebilling etc..

2) StudentsCanDo portal

There are many freelancer websites where an individual can browse for assignments and bid to do the job. portals like fivr, freelance, elance etc provide such opportunity. This portal will allow registered college and university students to make money and enhance their future potential by bidding at work that is most suited for their career. 
Also, from employer perspective, customer will have trust that they are getting things done from a professional who either have a degree or pursuing degree in the same respective fields.
Talk to me more ablout this projet.

3) Tracking major illness treatment costs worldwide

This is a very interesting data analytics project. You will be building a cloud application to collect data for all major illness and treatment worldwide and provide information on cost of treatments and drugs or any other associated costs.
For example, hip surgery... how much it costs in america, canada, india or any other place in the world, what would be the overall costs including travel, what are the risks, ratings, social reviews..

This is a challenging big data project.

Internet of Things and Bluemix

Internet of Things enable millions of intelligent interconnected things to produce and share data and optimize our life. Look at the workshop we conducted at Techlab startup Incubator in Santa Clara on Friday Sept 5. You can find the presentation on slideshare
Follow the demo links, sign up for IBM Bluemix and try to work on the demo application. Let me know what you think.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

cmpe295A project ideas

1. Application performance monitoring service for cloud based applications. - This APM will monitor all kind of applications including java, Python and node.js look at for features and functions. also look at for ideas.
2. Predict food safety based on FDA recall data on food - create various models. Also create a crowd sourcing mobile app for consumer/user to upload incident report (suspicious food item in a dish or restaurant)
3. create a framework/tool for cloud delivery pipeline. This tool will allow to save runbooks, artifacts and checklists that helps with production deployment and maintenance of cloud services.
4. Real time analytics dashboard for cloud server and application performance data. Predictive analytics on storage, out of memory or network/system failures. This also has a mobile app piece
5. Text analytics on job and desc data collected using  glassdoor api and suggestions for management team on retaining high performing employee. This also has a mobile piece. features include predicting employee churn based on some behavioral input.
6. sell your own house - this web app helps homeowners sell their own house using all the professional services required without hiring a real estate agent. This include a workflow having services such as preparing, staging, listing, open house, legal and closer etc...
7. more coming...