Saturday, March 10, 2018

Get Inspired series

Here are the important research happening in healthcare technology  that can get us inspired to find solutions to other related problems:
1. Detecting sleep stages using wifi RF signals - see how this works: 

As you can see, its all about Deep learning  algorithm that is being  developed to detect sleep stages that can  further be correlated to different health  conditions. It  definitely  inspires us to figure out  what other health conditions can be found without the need of a sensor that human needs to wear. This also raises questions that  whether future is bleak for wearable sensor devices?

2. Contact lenses that deliver drugs directly to the eye - A company called TheraOptix won the prestigious MIT Sloan Healthcare innovation prize yesterday.
This is a big breakthrough as the lenses can deliver medicine in a very controlled and sustained manner. 
Is this innovation leading us to new way of delivering medications to the body? Are we going  to have a patch on our body controlled diabetic medicine that we do not have  to remember to take 3 times a day? 

3. Data + cloud + powerful networks + reinforcement learning = Healthcare Innovation
This is what  Eric Schmidt of Alphabet  is saying. Google is making big bets on healthcare innovation with Calico  Labs (research on aging) and Verily 
One thing  is clear that the  focus is on health data collection and timely analysis to solve variety of problems. These initiatives are guaranteed to bring  healthcare costs down in America and elsewhere.  For example, many projects in the  CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) field:

a)  Look at  the glucose-sensing lens for continuous monitoring of glucose levels.
b) Miniaturized CGM:

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Brand New Project ideas for SJSU CMPE Class

Idea#1: WeServe - Connecting  pro-bono and student volunteers to the NGOs around the world. 

When NGOs start a social project they usually do not have resources to apply technology platform and best practices. So they often  start with manual work and paper based system to collect  data and make decisions. They need help with things other than technology such as consulting, efficiency and applying proven techniques. This platform connects pro-bono consultants and students (high  school and college) volunteers to the NGOs. 
NGO posts the project. Students and pro  bono consultants creates their profile, interests and expertise and timeline they might be available to work/help. System applies intelligent algorithm to match them. 
Skills Required: Node.JS, Java Script, MySQL

Idea#2: DictDay - Dictionary Word of the day analysis using ML

Everyday, or Mariam publishes their word of the day. Can you get the  word for last few years, get the most  important world event for that day and find if there is any correlation between them. This needs your creativity and thinking. Explore Oxford API: 

Idea#3: ThePathFinder - Cognitive job search and skills development app job seekers

A ML powered job search engine which uses cognitive API to find right candidate and then train   they love the most. 
them with skills gap in the areas that they need help. Employer finds true candidate for the job, candidates got to do what
Employer portal: employer posts not just job but some of the  data about company and its  culture which helps Watson AI generate a cultural profile of a company.
Jobseeker portal: job seeker is asked some questions that Watson uses to create a personality profile. It  also takes experience and expertise and find the gaps and identifies them for the candidates. 
Most job  sites tries to match as it  is. But Path Finder finds the suitability  and fills  the gap by recommending candidates either on-line courses or a classroom course. The  portal has a special section for housewives / women who are either first time job seekers or getting into workforce after a break. 
Skills : IBM Watson cognitive services API, Node.JS, Java  script, Cloudant

Idea#4: HomeSpeak: Let your Home tell you what it needs

This is an IOT analytics project  for home automation and avoiding expensive repair costs. Think of this app gathering data from your:
a) water pressure monitor
b) energy usage monitor
c) camera detecting anomaly and image analysis finding problems
and applying ML and statistical analysis to predict problems and ask for help
Skills: Node Red, IOT device programming, Python/Node, Javascript visualization

Idea#5:  Lucy helps keep our seniors happy and  engaged

#1 problems our seniors (over 80) face today is loneliness and isolation. According to the U.S. Census Bureau 11 million, or 28% of people aged 65 and older, lived alone at the time of the census. As people get older, their likelihood of living alone only increases. Additionally, more and more older adults do not have children, reports the AARP, and that means fewer family members to provide company and care as those adults become seniors.
1. Senior isolation increases the risk of mortality.
2. Feelings of loneliness can negatively affect both physical and mental health.
3. Perceived loneliness contributes to cognitive decline and risk of dementia.
4. Social isolation makes seniors more vulnerable to elder abuse.
5. Loneliness in seniors is a major risk factor for depression.

Lucy is an effort to use technology and a  group of student volunteers to solve the problem  of social isolation of seniors. Lucy is a skill developed for Amazon Alexa device echo dot which sits in senior’s room. A group of student volunteers write personal emails to our seniors . Lucy reads those emails from a server to seniors as they come or at certain time. If seniors can share stories and Lucy collects them that would be great

Idea#6: dishClose - Predict ingredients that went into a dish and prepare recipe by just analyzing the picture of a dish

Using Image analysis, system finds the keywords associated with the dish and then uses ML to figure out what ingredients might be used. Then suggest new recipes based on the ingredients. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Philanthropy at its best - IBM CSC in Mumbai India

Being part of a company which identifies employees as a Global citizen and values community service as part of the job is a privilege for me and 12 of my IBM colleagues, who have come from 9 different countries to Mumbai India to help improve the education at different levels for unprivileged population. 
We are IBM Corporate Service Corps and we have dedicated 1 month of our time In-country to help various NGOs in and around Mumbai India succeed in their mission. I feel extremely humble and fortunate to be part of a sub team who is working with United Way Mumbai (beneficiary of our pro-bono consulting work) and Pyxera Global (our in country NGO partner) to help roll out an educational program for small (pre-school age)  children whose parents can't afford to send their kids to private nursery or alternative day care school. 

Why this is important?

  1. As an IBMer, I am getting to work with top performers in my company across various roles and from different geographies. In addition, we have been challenged to solve tough problems specific to a culture and environment in such a short amount of time, which means we are learning leadership skills for  global
    operations. My team has been working with United Way executive team and the team on the ground to assess the situation and design a framework for BornLearning program. While working with them, it was fascinating to know that multiple NGOs in India are working together to solve one problem and they complement each other by layering their services. In addition, these NGOs bring the innovation that matters to their clients. Here is an example that teaches us to understand our users better so we can develop a practical solution for them. United Way as part of it's "Poshan" (eliminating Mal-nutrition) program wanted to roll out an innovative way for kids to learn the importance of washing their hands. They partnered with a company to design a Soapen that kids love to use to write on their hands and then wash their hands using 7 motions that they are taught. One soapen can be used for 60+ washes. 
  2. The goal of the CSC engagement is to give back to the community. People served by the NGO partners benefit directly by our work. In our case, 36 Anganwadi and Balwadi centers across Maharashtra state are going to benefit from the Born Learning Campaign. This program will directly impact close to 3600 children and prepare them for 1st grade. We visited to meet Sevikas (ground workers who teach children in these centers and take care of their well being) and experienced their challenges first hand. 
What's next?
Part of this process is to gel to the community, experience their problems, talk to stakeholders and absorb the information. We are working as a team to design the technical framework for this campaign. While doing so, we are getting to know local culture, try local food and have fun. I will share our journey in the next of this blog series. Until then, Namste Mumbai !


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Brand new project ideas for Class of Spring 17

#1 Help insurance companies identify risky and cautious drivers

Develop a cloud service which could be integrated and used by Insurance companies to identify risky and cautious auto drivers. The service should have subscription based offering. The statistical and machine learning model would use driving records of various drivers (historical data) and predict a risky driving behavior
Develop a dashboard for Insurance data analyst to visualize and predict.

#2 A mobile dashboard (android tablet) to control all connected IoT devices in the house. 

This dashboard should allow control of lights, toaster oven, music player, thermostat or anything else connected via wifi in the house)

#3 Using gps and accelerometer data from mobile phone, predict tourist’s behavior (whether tourist will see a particular exhibit or visit a particular shop)

#4 Employee demand & Churn forecasting
Employers deal with sudden demand for a particular skills and hard to find specially if they do not have competitive edge. This service will integrate with any HR system and provide demand and churn forecasting based on machine learning model. Model should suggest alternative strategies (including retraining and retooling existing employees ) based on various factors and market conditions. 

#5 Digital loyalty program app for small businesses
80% of small businesses (specially mom & pop) can not afford to have sophisticated program to collect customer data and make them return to their businesses repeatedly. This app allows coffee shops, local grocery vendors, barbers and hair salons to create a digital loyalty program for their visitors and customers. 
reference:  Talk to me for more insights..

#6 Analytics driven data management in private and public cloud
Organize customer's data in on prem and cloud to manage and optimize for analytics and allow them to leverage for efficiency of the workload

#7 Freelancer platform for charitable electronic work
This platform will allow non-profit charitable organization to post their work which volunteers can pick and assign themselves. The work can be anything like, preparing a database, spreadsheet, tabulating, grading papers, etc..) once finished on time and correctly, volunteers can earn badges which can be showcased on Linkedin or facebook. 

#8 Blockchain enabled Real Estate transaction workflow
Real estate transaction is mostly paper based with tons of manual and laborious workflow. Blockchain can not only simplify it but bring trust and transparency in the process. 

#9 How engaged my employees are?
It's a well known fact that employee engagement paired with strong leadership is key to the success of any business. This is an analytics project to track the engagement of your employees. This includes mining your employee's social media interactions such as tweets, posts and generating score from the vocabulary used in those posts. Talk to me to know more about this...but here are the drivers of employee's engagement:

  • Work processes
  • Ethics and integrity
  • Quality and customer focus 
  • Immediate manager 
  • Communication 
  • Performance management 
  • Work/life balance 
  • Rewards (compensation and benefits) and recognition 
  • Job security and career growth 
  • Leadership and direction 
  • Teamwork and cooperation 
  • Training and development

Monday, September 26, 2016

Solving today's challenging problems using breakthrough technology

Its time for team based project for my Fall class at SJSU again. It requires a great deal of passion and team effort to do something that has not done before. I always encourage my students to think big and solve a problem which has not been solved before. And trust me, there are plenty of problems which might have solutions but either they are not uniquely addressing the problem or they can't be afforded by the masses. Anyway, here again I am posting some ideas that you can research and brainstorm to come up on a problem statement.

1. Barcode of Life (DNA Barcoding)

DNA barcoding is a molecular-based identification system that aims to identify biological specimens, and to assign them to a given species. DNA based identification for multi cellular life is an emerging concept and scientists from 25 countries have got together to create a database of DNA barcodes (BOLD) to solve multi-faceted problems. 
Here are some potential use cases:
a) Timber and wild life trafficking
b) Traceability of food pipeline for food safety
c) more..

2. Blockchain:

Blockchain is a technology for a new generation of transactional applications that establishes trust, accountability and transparency while streamlining business processes. It is a design pattern made famous by bitcoin, but its uses go far beyond. It has the potential to vastly reduce the cost and complexity of cross-enterprise business processes. The application of this emerging technology is showing great promise across a broad range of business applications.
Blockchain technology example

Here are some potential use cases:
a) Tracking the origin and movement of a high value item across a supply chain. Think of Money transfer as a simple example. Counterfeit drugs or high priced fashion items are other examples. 
b) Mechanism for collectively record keeping and notarizing any type of data financial or otherwise. This is not necessarily about a physical asset. 
c) explore non-financial use cases of Block chain 

3. Hyperspectral Image Analysis:

Hyperspectral imagery consists of much narrower bands (10-20 nm). A hyperspectral image could have hundreds of thousands of bands. This uses an imaging spectrometer. 

Here is an excellent read:

This is an emerging technology being used in several domain including:
a) Smart Farm irrigation techniques
b) surveillance and reconnaissance

4. Conversational Interfaces:

Voice interfaces have come a long way but Thanks to the advances in Machine learning voice control has become much more practical. This eliminates the need for hundreds of different interfaces which will be hard to develop and keep up with the users. 

5. Application of Crowd funding into brand new space

6. IoT and Analytics for Better life

IoT is inside our home and offices already, from Nest to 24x7 monitoring of indoor conditions. Here is one company sells device for making you aware on the indoor air quality.  How about developing an IoT solution which can monitor overall "mood" indoor and suggest people to do something better for their health and happiness. This can be monitored by camera and activities in the house such as movement tracking, smile on faces, crying kids vs happy kids, yelling, of course indoor air and noise quality, temperature etc...

Augmented Tools for construction. Read this paper:

This idea can be applied to healthcare, interior decoration, farming and more..